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Wild dandellion

Taraxacum Officinale

Wild dandelion contains:

iron, sodium, phosphorus, essential oil, inulin, phytosterol, proteins, and many groups of vitamins

It revitalizes the entire body:

  • substantially helps the excretion of excess fluid from the body
  • breaks down fat in the body
  • helps with anemia, insomnia, swollen liver
  • clears skin
  • removes all toxins from the body
  • helps with spleen and bladder diseases, and with diabetes


Aromatic plant with bitter taste


Leave the plant in a pot with water and a little vinegar, and rinse under running water.

- use in smaller quantities (because of bitterness) in green juice with fruit

- in salads

As wild herbs contain very generous supply of vitamins and minerals, they are always consumed in a smaller quantity than conventionally grown plants.

*Note: Wild edible plants should be harvested under the supervision of a qualified person as they can be mistaken for some kinds of poisonous plants.

Content: 1kg


Price: 13,33€


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