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Curly dock - fresh herb 1kg

Wild curly dock
Sales price 100,00 kn

Wild curly dock contains:

Ethereal oil and multiple quantities of vitamins and minerals compared to cultivated vegetables

100 g of plant contains up to 180 mg of vitamin C and more than 12 mg of carotene

It revitalizes the entire body:

  • helps with skin problems
  • significantly improves the eyesight
  • purifies the blood and strengthens bones
  • helps with problems with hemorrhoids
  • regenerates the liver
  • helps the pancreas function
  • expels mucus from the bronchi
  • significantly strengthens the immune system


Aroma similar to Swiss chard or spinach


Leave the plant in a pot with water and a little vinegar, and rinse under running water.

- fresh in green juices with fruit (in blender or juicer)

- can be cooked like spinach or other vegetable stews

When cooking, it is desirable to add a little lemon juice or natural apple cider vinegar.

As wild herbs contain very generous supply of vitamins and minerals, they are always consumed in a smaller quantity than conventionally grown plants.

*Note: Wild edible plants should be harvested under the supervision of a qualified person as they can be mistaken for some kinds of poisonous plants.

Content: 1kg

Payment: on delivery, for quote, with credit cards: Diners: 2-12 installments, Amex: 2-6 installments.

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