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Radiant complexion for happiness and self-confidence ...

Many people, especially young people, are faced with the problem of acne and impure facial skin. Various researches have proven that the most common reasons for these problems are:

  • Insufficient fluid intake, which results in poor blood circulation and poor metabolism, especially when we know that skin is made of about 80% of just water.
  • Taking antibiotics - permanent use of antibiotics leads to damaged intestinal flora, and thus weaker immunity, which often results in a variety of fungal diseases.
  • Popping pimples - if skin is often touched with unclean hands, it increases the chances to damage the skin and permit the entry of bacteria. It is clear that (if necessary), this procedure should be done only when your hands and face are washed, needle is sterilized and pimple is gently (and not too deep) pricked, and then gently squeezed from the side, using cosmetic tissue.
  • Unbalanced diet - unhealthy diet has a major impact on the appearance of acne and other facial skin problems. Fast food, too much candy, too low intake of vegetables, fruits and vitamin - inevitably affect the health of your skin. In addition, it is necessary to introduce high-fiber foods in your diet, to encourage better digestion and metabolism.
  • Psychological problems, stress - It is said that the skin is the "mirror of the soul." That this is indeed the case, is proved by the appearance of acne during the exam, or a variety of other stressful situations when a person is under great psychological pressure. It is hard to get out of this vicious circle, because the above problems are causing social uncertainty, depression, and frequent desire to isolate, but also a tendency towards aggression.

There are many other causes of impure facial skin, but one thing is certain - if you pay enough attention to yourself in terms of skin care, you will see the results. It is vital to act internally, in terms of changing eating habits.

Proper care and changing dietary habits will result in a happy and contented person!

Akne-G is a 100% natural product, made exclusively from fresh herbs extracts, recognized in folk medicine exactly for the treatment of facial skin problems and diseases.

The active components of herbs, especially comfrey and plantain, have various effects:

  • antibacterial
  • improved skin blood circulation
  • healthy and radiant complexion
  • accelerated regeneration of skin cells
  • rejuvenation and enrichment of skin with the essential minerals and vitamins

Directions for use: Dampen cotton cosmetic pad with water, drain, and generously spray it with Acne-G spray. Rub problem areas on your face. Allow to dry, do not rinse. After 10 minutes, you can apply your usual skin care. Protect your eyes. Repeat in the morning and evening.

Content: 200 ml

Price: 17,05€


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