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Afrodit 2u1

This extraordinary concentrated product consists of herbs, known since the ancient Greeks and Romans, and the wine base.

Innovative composition of wild herbs, which are carefully selected for treatment of health problems caused by contemporary modern life. 10 species of medicinal plants have been boosting sexual potency in men and women for centuries. It is true that we are living a stressful life, torn between the everyday business and other obligations, and such life is leaving marks on our bodies.

Many years of research of the effectiveness of herbs, and the intense desire to contribute to a healthier and fuller life, have resulted in the creation of this product.

Medicinal substances in this product:

  • strongly relax and strengthen the body
  • help with depression, anxiety, insomnia, apathy
  • stimulate peace of mind in stressful situations (managers, students)
  • substantially facilitate uncomfortable symptoms of menopause
  • strengthen immunity
  • encourage good spirits
  • boost intellectual power and memory
  • facilitate the function of the respiratory organs

Directions for use: Take 0.5dcl, alone or in a glass of favorite juice, before bedtime.

Content: 500 ml

Price: 38,64€


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