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Ivy oil

Satisfaction without cellulite
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Extremely effective oil with unique natural formula, produced from a combination of fresh extracts of ivy and Terebinthinae Aetheroleum oil.

New Ivy Oil formula has effect on:

  • elimination of cellulite
  • reduction of fatty deposits in critical zones
  • establishment of deep tissue circulation, which together with the medicinal herbal substances significantly mitigate rheumatic disorders, lichen, and a number of other problems that negatively reflect on the skin beauty

Use: apply oil on the skin and strongly knead critical places affected by the cellulite and other problems. While we breathe during the massage, we indirectly clear our respiratory organs - which is a indirect effect of the medicinal substances of this oil.

It is quickly absorbed into the tissue, does not grease the skin and it does not contain chemical odoriferous substances.

For external use only!

Recommendation from the innovator: for maximum efficiency it is desirable to also use the oil internally (for elimination of excess fluids) together with Renial herbal drops, and to use a wooden massage roller.

Content: 100ml

Payment: on delivery, for quote, with credit cards: Diners: 2-12 installments, Amex: 2-6 installments

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