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Slim and healthy through life
Sales price 185,00 kn

Bio-Fit is a 100% natural product for regulation of metabolism and reduction of body weight. The product is made of 7 species of medicinal plants, on natural wine base. Special attention is paid to the selection and combination of herbs in response to a busy and stressful lifestyle. Bio-Fit achieves complete detoxification of the whole organism in a most natural and simple way, which results in decreased body weight.

Outstanding properties of medicinal plants used in the Bio-Fit reflect on:

  • accelerating the metabolism in a natural way
  • removing excess fluid from the body
  • reducing appetite
  • eliminating constipation and flatulence
  • better stomach, liver and kidney functioning
  • eliminating cellulite and unaesthetic bags under the eyes
  • better memory, vision improvement, easier sleep
  • healthy and radiant complexion

Use: Take 0,5dcl in a glass of water, at bedtime. If you are extremely overweight, repeat this dosage in the morning as well.

Content: 0,5L

Ingerdients: certified medicinal plants, 10.9% of alcohol as a natural infusion

*Product does not contain chemical additives in terms of flavors, colors or preservatives.

Payment: on delivery, for quote, with credit cards: Diners: 2-12 installments, Amex: 2-6 installments

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