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"3-week therapy"

The way and lifestyle we live, leaves a mark on younger people and children. Whether due to the family lifestyle, the pressure of obligations, or social isolation, more young adults and children are becoming subject to sudden mood swings, feeling of boredom, irritability, pessimism, sense of worthlessness ....

These phenomena usually create some other problems, such as decreased activity, difficulty in concentrating, withdrawal from social activities, memory problems, changes in sleep patterns, hopelessness, etc.

It is certainly good to help yourself in time, at the appearance of first symptoms, with the proper selection of natural products, but also by changing eating habits, starting practicing sporting activities in the open air, interacting with peers ...

Neural-G is a 100% natural innovative product, in the form of syrup, based exclusively on fresh herbal extracts, which benefits are recognized in the folk as well as in the official medicine.

The product is intended for young people and children, but also adults.

Neural-G helps with the following problems:

  • depressed mood, feelings of hopelessness and apathy
  • fear, feeling of guilt
  • insomnia
  • problems with memory, concentration difficulties
  • exam fright, sweaty palms, heart palpitations
  • aggressiveness
  • withdrawal
  • pessimism

Directions for use: Adults and children under 12 - take 10 ml (10 ml) twice a day, with little water, before meals.

Content: 500 ml

Price: 35,71€


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Order by telephone na +385 (0)44 720 166, +385 (0)98 261 725, +385 (0)98 643 088


PAYMENT *On delivery *Internet Banking *Credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, Diners 2-12 installments, Amex 2-6 installments, PayPal


Valeriana officinalis, Beta Vulgaris, Lavandula officinalis, Rubus fruticosus


044 720 166, 098 261 725, 098 643 088


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